I found yoga in high school as a way to add to my athleticism and fitness. I wanted to be flexible. It grew with me through college into a practice that helped me look deeper at my holistic well-being. My practice of yoga expanded to my entire life and way of existing.

When I struggled with health issues, chronic pain, and anxiety, it was yoga and meditation that gave me the window into another way of living. I used my practice to cope with what was happening. I became a personal trainer as a way to help others, but quickly sensed clients were seeking was deeper than physical aesthetics. I wanted to share the holistic approaches and mindset I had found.

Ayurveda came to me on sacred ground. My teacher, Katie Silcox, is a translator of complex ancient sciences and she spoke to my heart. Studying Ayurveda was a relief. It put factual information and western science into a context I already intuitively felt and followed. It is not woo-woo, although I gladly accept subtle practice of “woo-woo” in my life! We all need a little magic! But Ayurveda was and is something I can touch, feel, and see. It’s a healing and preventative medicine to teach us how to be our own healers.

Certifications & Credentials

My foundation of sustainable, functional movement creates an accessible practice for all bodies. In my classes, you can find influences of Hatha flow, taking time to feel into the body in a safe container to explore intuitive movement and inner shifts.

I’m committed to creating this space for you and have spent years training to do so.
Gratitude to my teachers.

Ayurveda Health & Wellness Coach | 300hr
Shakti School - Katie Silcox 2018
Dosha, Lifestyle, and Feminine Form focus

Yoga Girl® & Island Yoga Certified Teacher | 200hr
Rachel Brathen & Lara Heimann 2018
CYT Vinyasa, Anatomy, and Radical Vulnerability

NASM Certified Personal Trainer | CPT 2015
National Academy of Sports Medicine

Self-Taught Artist & Instructor
Summer Camp Adult & Youth Art Instructor - 4 years
Adult Painting Workshop Teacher - 1 year

Teaching yoga was always on my path, but finding the right teachers was important to me. I waited for a heart-centered training focused on the yoga that had become my life’s practice. Studying with world-renowned teachers Rachel Brathen and Lara Heimman was more than I could have imagined. It kept the heart and core (#morecore) of the yoga I loved, but is rooted in anatomy and structure of functional physical therapy. My training showed me the other side - healing my body through yoga, not just coping. I can’t wait to share it with you.